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Floor Schedule Web Features

Feature #1

Up to 100 Agents, multiple locations.

Feature #2

Enter Agents as Off or ON any shift.

Feature #3

Fair to all.

Floor Schedule Web - The web version is available for just $14.00/month. Nothing to install! Your agents may view their schedules online, anytime.

To try it out for free: Click Here, register, then create your schedule! If you decide to purchase, use the Purchase menu from within Floor Schedule Web. Your web license will be automatically updated.

Web features...

All the features of the desktop version, and more!

Create Schedules Online.

From home or office. Nothing to install!

Upgraded Interface.

Easy entry!


Agents can add / edit themselves on the schedule directly - if you let them.

Shift Reminders.

Email Reminders sent to agents of their upcoming shifts.

View schedules online.

Agents may view their schedules on line. Even from their iPhone. No need to email or post.

Download Schedules to Outlook.

View your schedule in outlook, or any other ical compatible calendar system.

Schedules retained for three months.

Review past schedules whenever you like.

No worries about hardware or lost data.

If your computer is unavailable, log in from another!

Looming dealine:

The day is April 20th. Your May duty times need to be filled.


Everyone has a different request!

Phil... I can't work on Tuesdays.
June... No Wednesdays, no Thursdays, no Friday mornings.
Mark... On the 2nd and 3rd Sundays I'm out of town.
Anne... On the 12th Mother is visiting. Can't work.
Todd... No Saturday afternoons.
John... Schedule me whenever, but no more than 9 times.
Lucy... I'm only available on the 1st, 2nd, 12th & 25th.
Kent... I can work anytime, anywhere.

Using Floor Schedule these assingments were made in less than 10 minutes!

Once we started [using Floor Schedule] it immediately saved at least 3 hours in scheduling time. That's almost a FULL WORK WEEK in time we wasted by not using the program for a year. Thanks for your service...

Robert Spillane, Broker/Manager Weichert Realtors - Union NJ